The blue shot ski has a definite beachy vibe with the blue top sanded back in a rustic style. Each shot ski is 180cm long, has 4 shot holes and the graphics are completely customisable. 


Our shot skis are environmentally friendly:

  • We plant a tree for every shot ski sold
  • The shot skis are made from responsibly sourced redwood
  • All packaging is biodegradable, recycled or 100% re-used
  • If you live in south-west London your ski will most likely get cycled over


The bottom of the ski is dark hague blue/green which gives a sharp contrast to the white message. The top of the ski is light beachy blue. Each shot ski comes with 4 shot glasses.


Shot ski designs:

Our shot skis are all individually designed just for you. Don't worry if you're not 100% sure about the design you want, we can talk through some ideas and put designs together for you to choose from and change as you like.


We design up to 5 ideas for the top of the ski and a customised messaged for the base of the ski.


  • A date at the head of the ski
  • A crest/logo/emblem/initials in the centre work brilliantly
  • 3  custom graphics to bring the ski together


The shot skis make a perfect present for any ski lover for Christmas, birthdays or weddings alike. We can create designs perfect for your big occasion.

The Blue Shot Ski

  • Our shot skis are 180cm long and 9cm wide with four shot holes evenly spaced down the ski. Each shot ski comes with 4 customised shot glasses.

    The shot skis are hand-carved from responsibly sourced redwood.

    For every shot ski sold we plant a tree, our way of reducing our impact on the environment.

    We also use recycled, re-used or bio-degradable packaging.