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Bringing apres home

To get a fitting gift for a colleagues wedding we were all invited to back in 2018, we decided to get something befitting of the way we all met - skiing. Enter the shot ski.

I had to make a last minute cardboard version when the shot ski we ordered hadn't arrived in time. Even made from cardboard, the shot ski went down a storm. It did get rather bendy with the spilt drinks but is still alive and kicking today.


Making a shot ski from wood took a while, especially to get the bend at the tip, but I wanted to make a shot ski that would last. Numerous weddings and shot skis later (they're now up on many friends walls) Plank Studio was born. Bringing apres ski home with custom (wooden) shot skis.

Our skis are crafted right here in Surbiton from plank to shot ski. Beautiful wooden shot skis made by hand, including the bend at the tip

Giving more than we take

The way we use energy definitely comes at a price. Working in the ski industry, it's incredibly evident how our habits affect the world around us. I'm not trying to change the world with Plank Studio but I do want our shot skis to have as little impact on the planet as possible.

For every shot ski we sell we're committing to planting a tree in the UK. It's a small idea that can go a long way. 

Trees are wonderfully efficient in long term carbon storage and are key in reducing carbon emissions in our atmosphere. The side effect of planting trees is to provide a habitat for animals, reduce flooding and erosion as well as helping to replenish the soil with nutrients, so we're pretty chuffed with that too.

Our shot skis are made from trees so it's a simple and effective way of giving back more than we take out.

We also only use 100% recycled, re-purposed or bio-degradable packaging. Our skis are made from responsibly sourced redwood and if you live in South London you'll most likely have your ski cycled over.

Telling your story

The idea behind the ski design is to create a unique visual story for every shot ski which means something personal to whoever receives the ski.


Creating individual illustrations that tell your story on your ski as well as a custom message on the base - revealed when the ski is used.


Chat over the phone on 07885597456 or email at about the sort of thing you want on your shot ski.


We work with you to create a unique design and message. Every ski is unique and we hope you love it as much as we love making them.

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