The stained custom shot ski is a 180cm long, four hole ski with a walnut stain to highlight the grain. The stain is the same on the top and bottom and gives it that rustic ski look.


Our personalised shot skis make the perfect Christmas, engagement, wedding or birthday gift for any ski lovers out there. 


Environmentally friendly:

Each shot ski is made from responsibly sourced redwood and is hand-carved into a ski with rounded edges on the top and a curved tip just like a regular ski.


Custom shot ski design:

White designs look great on the stained ski and we can add a message of your choice onto the bottom of the ski and then customise the top of the ski with 5 designs made just for you:

  • A date at the top
  • A logo/initials/crest in the middle
  • 3 other designs to make the product personal to whoever it's for

Tell a story or illustrate what you love. They look great on the wall once the shot ski has all shotted out.


Don't worry if you're not 100% sure what you want on the ski yet. Once you've purchased a shot ski, we'll contact you before we make the ski to go over the design and make sure you're happy with it. We can talk about any ideas you have and what you want the shot ski for. You'll get a chance to alter and change anything you don't like at this stage.


Custom shot glasses:

Each shot ski comes with 4 customised shot glasses.

The Stained Shot Ski

  • A shot ski is a ski with four holes to put shot glasses into. The idea is for four people to stand shoulder to shoulder and for all to have a shot (of whatever your fancy - prosecco is a great choice) at the same time by raising the ski together.

    Ours also doubles as a memento for any occasion with its customised graphics making it a perfect decor piece to hang on the wall. Great fun and great memories.