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NEW - Custom removable shot glasses for the shot skis

At Plank Studio we've been sending out removable shot glasses with all our custom shot skis since we began but it took a bright little idea from a friend for us to think about personalising the shot glasses (cheers Liam). #customshotglasses

So we now vinyl up every shot glass we send out - winner!

You'll get the same number of shot glasses as holes in your shot ski. So four shot glasses for a long shot ski and two shot glasses for a short shot ski. Order here.

The shot glasses are packaged up with the shot ski and sent out together so you'll get them at the same time.

If you want additional shot glasses you can order them on the website anytime and we'll send some out to you.

The shot glasses are easily removable from the shot ski and the cut of the hole means they sit firmly in place when you press them into the holes and won't fall out.

The designs are vinyl stuck onto the glasses so we wouldn't recommend putting them in the dishwasher. Just give them a quick swill out and you're good to go.

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