Shot ski for two

After taking shot skis to numerous parties and weddings, I started to realise that a nearly two metre long plank of wood is somewhat cumbersome and awkward to carry around all day long. It's perfect to have at the bar or in the garden but if you're heading for a day out or if you have to fly somewhere then it's downright annoying to transport.

So that's why we've started making the two person shot skis. At 98cm long, the short shot ski is much more transportable. Strapping to the side or having it poke out the top of a backpack is much more feasible than it's 2m sibling.

Plus it means height discrepancies in your drinking buddies are far less problematic for your social drinking escapades.

Short shot ski being used - koality shots message

There are just two holes in each short shot ski meaning it could be ideal as a wedding present or an anniversary for that matter.

Plus during the current social distancing restrictions, it's easy to do with your own household needing just two people to complete your extravagant feat of social drinking.

shot ski koala design up close

Grab your two person shot ski now.

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