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How to hang a shot ski

There are a million ways (a slight over-exaggeration) to make hanging shot skis over complicated. At Plank Studio we like to keep things simple and it doesn't get simpler than banging a nail into the wall.

Search for how you should hang skis on a wall and you'll get no end of wall mounts, brackets or people telling you how to creatively drill to bits of wood to the wall at the exact right width to support your skis. However, as your hanging a #shotski you have one huge advantage - you have a bunch of holes right in the middle of the ski, perfect for mounting your ski on the wall without fuss.

So just bang a nail in the wall (or a screw if you have those pesky super solid walls), pop the ski on the nail and you're away.

A 3 step guide to hanging your shot ski on the wall:

1. Line up the ski where you want it on the wall and mark the spot at the top of the highest hole.

2. Bang a nail in the wall where you marked the spot (we like the darker nails as they look a little nicer)

3. Plonk your ski up on the nail - job done!

If you wanted to hang your shot ski horizontally it only takes an extra nail - just make sure you get the ski straight before you go smacking nails into the wall.

That's it. A little bit of artwork on the wall and keeping your shot ski easily accessible if you ever have the sudden urge for a spot of social drinking.

If you fancy a fancy shot ski of your own then you've come to the right place, get in touch on chat/social or order online and we'll create a custom shot ski for you.

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