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How to use a shot ski

I've come to the realisation that when I mention that I make shot skis I get a lot of blank looks. Evidently shot skis are not as widely known about as I had thought. The idea of four people drinking as a single and simultaneous social endeavour seems to not have crossed everyone's mind. The joy of a shot ski has many more lives to touch.

A social drinking triumph. There isn't a community either human or animal that actively condones and encourages drinking alone. Drinking is a social affair so what's stopping you going one step further and synchronising your social escapades?

A shot ski is essentially four people drinking in unison from one long thin table full of shot glasses. Find out more.

Here is how you shot ski:

1. Get your hands on a handsome looking shot ski (plank studio). They look like this:

2. Put a shot glass in each hole, that's 4 in total

3. Fill up each shot glass with your beverage of whim (we love a bit of damson gin, though prosecco is just as good and a little less potent)

4. Grab three friends, housemates or random passers-by (it adds to the challenge/makes it a little messy if you're not the same height)

5. Line up shoulder to shoulder so you each have a shot glass in front of you

6. Raise the ski to your face in synchronisation

7. Tilt the ski back with your lips on the shot glass and drink your tipple of choice down in one

8. The nature of the shot ski means that if anyone fails to drink their shot then it invariably ends up across their face - you've been warned

9. Now sit back smugly content with your feat of unparalleled social consumption

10. Hang your handsome shot ski on your wall for all to admire and let them envy your social prowess

That's how to use a shot ski. You're now ready to be a shot ski social hero!

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