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What is a shot ski?

The idea behind the shot ski is simple. It's a ski with four shot glasses attached to it. Four people line up together to raise the ski to their faces like a long tray and down the shots at the same time. If anyone fails to drink their shot in its entirety it tends to end up on their face.

Shot skis vary in how they're made; old skis with shot glasses glued or screwed to them, you can even buy a sort of clamp mechanism to attach shot glasses to your regular ski. But, in our opinion, the best #shotskis are wooden with removable shot glasses made to look great on the wall as well as over the bar.

Shot ski origins

Where the shot ski originated is unknown. Some say it was Norway, where skiing itself originated and others put it down to the Austrians and their #schnapski where the shots are balanced on top of the ski rather than being attached to it. A far riskier setup. Why people started to drink like this, we may never know but social drinking is as old as time. No known society encourages drinking alone, and a shot ski is simply another way to ensure you never drink alone.

Shot ski records

Although in all likely hood the shot ski originated in European ski resorts, America has taken the idea and really rolled with it. There seems to be an inter ski resort rivalry using shot skis as the badge of honour. A shot ski tug of war if you like between Ullr Fest in Breckenridge and the Park City Shot Ski as to who can create the longest shot ski chain. The ultimate expression of social drinking.

Ullr fest shot ski record break
Ullr Fest. Image courtesy of GoBreck

In December 2019 Ullr Fest linked 433 shot skis when 1,299 people simultaneously shot skied together, that's 2,304 feet of shot ski down the main street. Whether Ullr Fest or Park City can break the record again this year is yet to be seen but it seems they're going to give it a damn good try for ultimate shot ski superiority.

Where to buy a shot ski?

If you're looking for a shot ski of your own then we can definitely make you something special. Take a look through our gallery for some inspiration. We handmake wooden shot skis with custom graphics and messaging. Just get in touch on Instagram or Facebook if you want to find out more.

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